Thursday, July 17, 2008

The First Article.... It has nothing ~~!!~~

Hi Friends,

I had been planning to start a blog from many days... May be from a year.. I myself doesnt know that exactly... But the time had never come... Rather my determination wasnt so strong to start writing something on the net....

But suddenly something pushed to today, to start a blog... May be today my inner call was so strong to start one... Huh !! Let me see for how many days I can keep this going..

But one thing is that, am not at all a good writer in English at all... All these days I was writing everything in "ನಮ್ಮ ಕನ್ನಡ "... This is a try by a novice writer (I dont know whether I can use the word "writer" ) to share his thoughts with the world... My world...

Hope to get a good response from you all..
Love you all.....
See you sometime later ...



manu said...

Hi Arjun,
It is a surprise to know u hav started blogging.The title of your blog is simple n poetic.

Don't tel me you are not a good writer, after having a review of your so called blog-
"chilipili chintana" u dont seem to be a new blogger, was like as if you have been blogging for years.

Its a fresh attempt, wish you all the best.

N P said...

All the best dude..:)

Rashmi said...

Namaste Arjun,

First of all Welcome to the Bloggers world.
Secondly my appreciation for starting a Blog.
Now the very hard part of it,
"Oh no, We ll have to keep on commenting!!!"
to encourage you to write continuously...

dhruva said...

Hi Arjun
Nice to know tat ur blogging man.. I dont know much abt blogging .. I'll start learning from today may be in a few days even i'll start blogging..
good work man..
keep going..
Best of all dude