Monday, July 21, 2008

Think Positive !!

We think a lot everyday... Thousands of thoughts cross our mind every hour... But... Are they really worth ? Do you havethe power to control your thoughts? Do you have the control over your mind? Think about it.. If the answer is NO, then youneed to concentrate on your thoughts...

Because, if you let your thoughts to control you, then you will have no control over your life... People are poisoning their minds with negative thoughts.. Negativity is the poison that kills dreams! And we need to stop it before it contaminates our lives. Negative thinking cripples a person's life to one degree or another. It robs people of the opportunity to live up to their full potential and of achieving their greatest desires and aims. It brings depression and other mental disorders, and that in turn leads to physical disorders. It wont let you achieve anything more..

Many people dream of being a person who changes the world through some great work written, a great deed of courage performed‚ or great acts of compassion rendered to those in need. But the negative feeling of "I just can't do it" robs people of that chance to make good on their dreams. (Excerpt by Maria Fontaine)

Strive to think positive, empowering, and supportive thoughts. Monitor your thoughts closely. When you hear yourself complaining, stop yourself immediately. The energy of the words that you speak is a powerful force that is creative.

You are so valuable and that should raise your self-esteem, and self-value!

Negativity is the anchor that holds you back.

Cut yourself free today and be the most positive, optimistic person that you know!

Have you noticed one more thing? Only one thought can run at a time in our mind. So whenever you start to think negatively,immediately replace that thought with a positive one !! This habbit is called as "Thought Replacement". With a constanteffort you can achieve this. You will feel the difference yourself later... But above all, monitoring your thoughts is themost important and the basic step you need to learn....

And the other thing I have noticed is that, many of us only think about the negative impact of doing something, which hinders us from doing the most beautiful thing we love... If we think positively, we can be happy or we can make our life a bit better.. You are not going to live for thousands of years, so whenever the opportunity knocks, make the most of it.. Realise the power of positive thinking..

Hope it had helped you a bit... Be happy...

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