Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do we need Reservation based on cast?

Yeah, I know... This is the most discussed, debated topic in India in the National Level also... What am going to write here is purely my thoughts about it and no offenses meant...

As all of you know, when the reservation rule was made, they stated clearly that, its for only the next 10 years. But now its been 10*6 and still we have reservations. More and more in fact. Who is going to get the benefit out of this ? None other than the political parties. Agree?

Let me put some light on the things happened in my native. There is a higher primary school. And a teacher got appointed thro' reservation and he was supposed to teach English. First of all, in the minds of those village students 'English' was the toughest language. But this teacher himself didnt know the basics of English Language. What you can expect him to teach ? Those students got the wrong foundation. Somehow they passed 7th but most of them failed in English in 10th. Who is responsible for this ? Whom to blame?

If you have the eligibility, you will get the job. Why to snatch the opportunity from an eligible candidate ? Its not just the question of job. Its also about the reputed education institutions. Reservation for poor people is agreeable, but why based on cast?

The latest things that happened are the Gujjars riots and 27% reservation to OBC. And am also hearing that some politicians are raising their voice for reservation in Software firms. Oh God !! Noooo !!!! I dont want to elaborate on that more as all of you know about that.

So what should a general merit candidate do ? How we can save our country from the clutches of these selfish, dirty politicians? How can we raise our voice against it to make India a better place to live? Who is responsible for this? People ? politicians ? Organizations ? Or our constitution?
Still the answer for all the questions are unknown......


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